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Mag-Tools Europe is the official distributor of Magswitch magnetic tools and products in Europe. We are currently the only approved online retailer that offers the complete line of Magswitch tools and products, featuring Welding, Fabrication, Woodworking, Drills, Lifting, Material Handling and Alignment Tools. 

Über Magswitch Technology Inc.

Magswitch Technology, headquartered in Colorado, USA is a leader in switchable magnetic technology. From initial development, design and engineering to manufacturing, final delivery and distribution, Magswitch has paved the way for innovation in multiple industries across the globe. Magswitch has evolved from manufacturing magnetic tools to engineering innovative technology to increase safety, productivity and speed in industries such as welding, fabrication, automation, manufacturing, heavy industry, shipbuilding and woodworking.

About The Technology

Magswitch Technology is a super-strong magnet that can be turned on and off with the half-turn of a knob. Magswitch works without the use of electricity. As with all Magswitch Tools, turning the magnet off allows debris to fall away which keeps the magnets clean and allows them to be used over and over again. Magswitch saves you time and money by die Art und Weise ändern, wie Dinge getan werden! Die Verwendung von Magswitch-Produkten beschränkt sich nur auf Ihre Vorstellungskraft.

Besuchen Sie unsere Unternehmenswebsite hier.

Bitte beachten Sie: 
All Magswitch products are intended for the use identified on the package - products may not be redistributed, altered or used in other products. Contact Magswitch for interest in integration of technology at MTE@magswitch.com 

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